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Rings are cute, but monkeys are cuter. Enter Fingerlings, a wearable and adorable baby monkey companion created just for kids’ fingers.

Fingerlings monkeys are meant to be worn on the finger and serve as a pal. Each little monkey has cupped arms and legs forming a slot in which kids can place their finger. After kids secure their monkey pal on their fingers, they can turn their Fingerling on (by flicking the power switch located on the back of each Fingerling’s head) for some interactive play.

Fingerlings render more than 40 realistic monkey sounds every time they feel movement and sometimes even without movement (these critters have a mind of their own). Through the cap sensors located on the top of their head, these energetic and animated little guys are able to pick up motion. But even if the kids take the Fingerling off their finger and lay him down elsewhere in a motion-free zone, Fingerlings will not be forgotten. They constantly want to play. Give the Fingerling a minute alone and he’ll chime in reminding kids he’s there and also that he is wildly adorable.

So how exactly does a kid play with a monkey that lives on a finger? Kids can blow kisses at their monkey and Fingerlings will kiss back! Kids can also clap in front of their monkey, pet their head, and cradle their monkey to sleep. Fingerlings will react to everything.

Fingerlings also have moving heads and blinking eyes to give kids a more realistic experience. Plus they have their own identities. Choose from: Finn, Mia, Zoe, Boris, Bella, and Sophie. Each Fingerling is a different color. Since each monkey pal only needs one finger, they are suitable for collecting. Each Fingerling also has a soft growth of hair sprouting from the top of its head, similar to a troll doll. Honestly, it’s so hard to not tousle their soft, neon-colored locks as well as fall in love with Fingerlings’ cute whimsical nature and spunky monkey sounds.